Tuesday, January 17, 2006

The East, 07 Style

With the 06 Recruiting Season pretty well filled at this point, I am taking a look at how the teams are positioned for the 07 season. What we see is that some of the shakeout for the 07 recruiting season already has occurred, with a lot of the HE teams already have secured commitments from all of the players they need. While some slots may open up through early departures or transfers, it appears that the early recruiting by BC, BU and UNH leave them with only a few spots to fill, even while many appealing recruits remain out there.

Jr.Nathan Gerbe
Jr.Brock Bradford
Sr.Dan Bertram
Fr.Joe Whitney
So.Matt Price
Fr.Ryan Hayes
Jr.Benn Ferriero
Fr.Brian Gibbons
So.Ben Smith
Jr.Kyle Kucharski
Sr.Matt Greene
Jr.Andrew Orpik
So.Matt Lombardi
Sr.Pat Gannon
Sr.Joe Adams

Potential Recruits: Brian Day; Barry Almeida; Brad Malone; Mike Cieslak; Brett Bruneteau; Joe Smith

Jr.Brett Motherwell
Jr.Tim Filangieri
Jr.Tim Kunes
Sr.Mike Brennan
Fr.Nick Petrecki
Jr.Anthony Aiello
So.Carl Sneep
Sr.Brian O'Hanley

Jr.Chris Higgins
Sr.Peter MacArthur
Jr.Jason Lawrence
So.Zach Cohen
Jr.Brandon Yip
Sr.Brian McGuirk
Sr.Boomer Ewing
Fr.Greg Squires
So.Luke Popko
Sr.Ryan Weston
Jr.John McCarthy
Jr.Steve Smolinsky
Sr.Ryan Monaghan

Potential Forwards: Pat Kane, Brian Day, Brett Bruneteau; Barry Almeida;

So.Brian Strait
Fr.Colby Cohen
Fr.Keith Shattenkirk
So.Eric Gryba
Sr.Dan McGoff
Sr.Kevin Kielt
Jr.Matt Gilroy

Potential Defendseman: Brendan Smith; Cody Goloubef

Fr.James Van Riemsdyk
So.Peter Leblanc
Sr.Matt Fornataro
Jr.Jerry Pollastrone
Jr.Trevor Smith
Sr.Mike Radja
Jr.Greg Collins
Jr.Thomas Fortney
Fr.Phil DeSimone
Sr.Brian Pouliot
So.Bobby Butler
Jr.Alan Thompson
Fr.Mike Borisenok
Fr.Dan Rossman

Potential Forwards: Barry Almeida; Brett Bruneteau; Brian Day; Matt Read

Sr.Craig Switzer
Fr.David Kolomatis
Sr.Brad Flaishans
Jr.Joe Charlebois
So.Nick Krates
Jr.Kevin Kapstad
Jr.Jamie Fritsch

Potential defensemen: Joey Lavin; Cody Goloubef

I'll try and post more information about the remaining Hockey East teams, and their potential recruits, in the coming weeks.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Wisconsin D?

Reportedly Wisconsin has secured another defenseman for 07. While Wisconsin has commitments from Nigel Williams and Garret Suter for this year, and are also seeking Brendan Smith from St.Mikes for 07, this commitment is from Ryan McDonagh, from Cretin-Denham Hall in Minnesota. He was a member of the USA Under 17 team that played overseas in August, and was supposedly headed for either St.Cloud or Michgan Tech. I'll try and follow up on this rumor for confirmation.

Update: Today's Wisconsin State Journal confirms that McDonagh did commit to Wisconsin, and that his commitment is for the 08 season, rather than after his graduation in 07.