Thursday, February 01, 2007


Mike Cichy leaves USNDPT

Players leaving the USNDPT program are rare, as we saw when Colby Cohen left the U18 team earlier this year, and had his release held-up by the program. With less fanfare or issue, Mike Cichy has become one of the first players to leave the team and return to the EJHL and the Junior Bruins. During his short sting with the program, Cichy alternatively gave indications he might consider the Quebec League route (which led to him being taken in the 3rd round of the midget draft), then surprisingly committing to the University of North Dakota, rather than a team closer to home. Leaving the program this late in the year limited his options somewhat, because Canadian junior teams have a January 10th roster freeze, meaning the major junior route was not possible. Now, he's come full circle, back with the Bruins program. What the future holds? Who knows.

Dominos falling
The logjam of the late commits has begun to break, with Tyler Gron committing to Northern Michigan in late January, and now Jason Gregoire committing to Denver. His arrival is open, as either this Sepetember or next year. In part, this is due to his lost season, having cut and then suffered an infection on his ankle that required surgery. He's back now, and playing as if he never left. His arrival also might be impacted (my guess) with the decision of two other kids. Riley Nash seems to be down to two programs, North Dakota and Denver, with his preference for an 07 or 08 arrival also up in the air. Another late recruit is Mike Connolly from Camrose, who had focused on Wisconsin and Boston University, but now appears to have dropped Wisconsin and opened up to other programs.