Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Pre-Season All-Rookie Picks

As the new freshmen step on campus last week, I thought I'd take a crack at predicting the league All-Rookie teams.

Rookie of Year: Chris Trafford, Mercyhurst

F-Trafford, Mercyhurst
F-Trapp, Sacred Heart
F-Robinson, Mercyhurst
D-McAdam, Holy Cross
D-Hostetler, RIT
G-Giffin, Canisius

Rookie of Year: Grabarek, Wayne State

F-Reaney, Niagara University
F-Grabarek, Wayne State
F-Jackman, Robert Morris
D-Bostock, Bemidji State
D-Kalinchuk, Alabama-Huntsville
G-Pagliero, Niagara Universtiy

Rookie of Year: Andrew Cogliano, Mich

F-Cogliano, Mich
F-Abdelkader, Mich St.
F-Condra, Notre Dame
D-Johnson, Mich
D-Eckford, Fairbanks
G-Spratt, Bowling Green

Rookie of Year: St.Pierre, Colgate

F-D'Alvise, Clarkson
F-Bellows, Dartmouth
F-Vokes, Brown
D-St.Pierre, Colgate
D-Fensel, St.Lawrence
G-Lange, RPI

Rookie of Year: Gerbe, BC

F-Bradford, BC
F-Lawrence, BU
F-Gerbe, BC
D-Motherwell, BC
D-Wild, PC
G-Quick, U.Mass

Rookie of Year: Phil Kessel, Minn

F-Kessel, Minn
F-Toews, N.Dakota
F-Gergen, Minn-Duluth
D-Lee, N.Dakota
D-Niskanen, Minn-Duluth
G-Nolan, Mich. Tech

Recruiting updates: Defenseman Barry Goers, who made the All-star team at the Beantown Classic, secured a scholarship from Lowell for the '06 season, where he will join his Green Mountain (EJHL) teammate, forward Paul Worthington. Lowell will be graduating its huge senior class, and already has put a big dent in replenishing the ranks by securing commitments from five forwards, two defensemen and goalie Neven Hamilton, who will become eligible in '06. Previously a member of the '06 class slated to play for Nanaimo (BCHL), Mark Roebothan has moved his commitment to this year to take the spot vacated when Ben Walter signed with the Bruins.

Red Deer Awaits: Red Deer Coach Brian Sutter continues to be vexed by Mario Lamoureux's indecision. As noted in the Red Deer Advocate Sutter still hopes the youngest Lamoureux will chose the WHL route, where his brother plays.

The 17-year-old American forward talked to Sutter on Sunday from his home in Grand Forks, N.D., and admitted he still hasn't decided whether he'll play a second season with Tri-Cities of the United States Hockey League or join the Rebels.
"He says he can't make up his mind, so how long do we go on like this as an organization?" said Sutter, who feels Lamoureux could play a regular shift with his team this season.
Lamoureux, who has dual American/Canadian citizenship, is hedging on committing to the Rebels because he has already been offered a hockey scholarship for the start of the 2007-08 season at the University of North Dakota.
"If he can't make up his mind we have to move in a different direction and he might over time find the one option is taking away from him," said Sutter.
"Here's a kid who as a 17-year-old would be one of our four centres, and yet he's chosen to stay and play at a lower level, which is junior A hockey. He does have a scholarship in place, but it won't take affect until he's 19 so for the next two years he'll play at a lower level. Is that what's good for him?


J said...

What a goofy logic. It's always better to play at a higher level? So it's better to have little playing time as a fourth center in a checking role with zero time on the power play, than a first or second center with more playing time in more situations? Well, geez, I wonder why he hasn't jumped at MJ.

J said...

What a hard pick to make for the three best rookie forwards in the WCHA. I wouldn't be surprised to see Rau, Wheeler, Skille, or Kozek on that list and I bet there are more possibilities besides those.

Andy Johnson said...

Come on now, no Jack Skille on the WCHA list?

Chris Heisenberg said...

Toews and Kessel are no brainers for the first team. For the remaining spot I went with Gergen, based upon his capabilities but also given his playing time for Duluth, which will give him lots of time. Rau, Skille and others could also fit in there. Wheeler won't get the same pp and other playing time on the top lines to get the necessary points.

Packer487 said...

Johnson vs. Cogliano should be an outstanding battle for CCHA Freshman of the Year. I'd be shocked if it was someone other than those two.
Honestly, I hope you're right and that Cogliano has more of an impact than Johnson...because I think he probably steps in as the top dman on the team, and quite possibly the conference. If Cogliano is better than that, that's bigtime.

ethan said...

Michigan fan here. I think that Mark Mitera will surprise a lot of people. He starts the year as a 17 year old, which is probably a couple of years younger than Eckford, but I wouldn't be surprised to see Mark push his teammate Johnson as the top rookie D man in the conference and the NCAA as a whole.

ethan said...

Mario Lamoreaux's older brother plays in the WHL. His experience there hasn't been the greatest so far. I think that is the main reason that Mario is hesitant about accepting the Red Deer offer.

luke_d said...

For the WCHA one, I'd take Mayson Raymond for the last spot instead of Gergen. I was at the UMD vs. Bemidji game last night, and Raymond really spectacular.

My prediction: Raymond scores 40+ points.

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