Saturday, August 26, 2006

Odds and Ends

Early Frost
Back on April 26, I noted the numerous allegations against agent and former Junior A operator Dave Frost, as they related to a TV report on misconduct by the Pembroke Lumber Kings. Last week Frost was arrested on charges of
sexual misconduct. While this is a positive step, one question that remains is how the Central Ontario Junior League has reacted to the news. Background on the relationship between Frost and Marty Abrams was in my earlier blog entry. And the earlier news related to misconduct by the Pembroke Lumber Kings, which was operated by Kevin Abrams. Well, the COJHL obviously realized that it had to do something, so it highlights its policy on its web page:

The CJHL is committed to ensuring that the teams within the league operate in a responsible manner. Any inappropriate conduct directed towards a player within the league will be dealt with firmly. The CJHL encourages anyone with concerns regarding conduct detrimental to the players to report their concerns to the team management or if necessary to the League Executive.

Laudable. So, what is my question? After the incident the COJHL had a major political battle, involving long-time Pembroke coach Mac MacLean(who was fired by new Pembroke owner and Frost protege Sheldon Keefe) who then became league Commissioner. As Commissioner, MacLean banned David Frost from involvement in the league. Well, that battle has been won by the Frost group, by which Pembroke owner Kevin Abrams became the COJHL commissioner. How will Abrams enforce his new zero-tolerance policy?

USHL notes
Some last minute shuffling always occurs heading into the season. Last year it was the exodus of goalies, leaving the USHL pretty weak at that position. This year, the USHL shapes up pretty well so far. Sioux Falls lost Jay Barriball, when he took Phil Kessel's spot at Minnesota. Filling that spot is Massachusetts native Robbie Vrolyk, a promising former member of the 2005 USA Under-17 team. 1990-born Californian Max Nicastro has earned a spot on Omaha's pre-season roster, which will again be a pretty young team, with another 1990 born player, goalie Jordan Tibbett. Chicago retained a good scorer in Brandon Coccimigio, who had looked to be headed to Mercyhurst, but who will instead put in another USHL season.


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