Sunday, August 27, 2006

Wisconsin State Journal Updates

Today's Wisconsin State Journal reports that Brad Malone, featured here back on February 25th ("you looking at me?") has narrowed his choices to 4 western schools, including Wisconsin, North Dakota, Denver and Michigan. Malone's narrowing of his choices to western teams seems a change of perspective, as the web page he created at Cushing while a sophmore reported that he wanted to attend school in the Boston area.

It also notes that Finnish forward Jan-Mikael Juutilainen, who I reported as having verbally committed to Nebraska-Omaha back in March, is still being recruited by Miami-Ohio, UNH and Wisconsin. At Omaha he'll play with Omaha native Brett Bruneteau, who also is in the middle of a recruiting battle between Wisconsin, hometown Nebraska-Omaha, Colorado College, Denver, Minnesota and Michigan.

Edit: Correction, Juutilainen will be playing for Waterloo, not Omaha.

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